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Management Competition And Quiz | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 299 days ago
- 0 + The Corporate National Management Quiz has been designed as an innovative,interactive programme to facilitate a copious flow of knowledge and ideas packaged in exciting rounds and learning through management quizzing is fun.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/conferences-events/competitions-and-quiz/national-management-quiz-for-corporates.html
Phd in Business Management - AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 300 days ago
- 0 + AIMA offers PhD in Management program. Apply Now! The programme is divided in two phases – Foundation Phase and Research Phase. The Foundation Phase of the programme is conducted by AIMA and the Research Phase of the programme is conducted by AMU.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/education-services/long-term-courses/phd-in-business-administration.html
Management Development Programmes(MDP) | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 291 days ago
- 0 + AIMA’s Management Development Programmes (MDPs) align with AIMA's mission to enhance the competitiveness of Indian Managers across functional areas while improving their knowledge.These MDPs help in enhancing the professional and personal development of management professionals.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/conferences-events/mdp/m-d-p.html
E Learning PG Course | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 313 days ago
- 0 + A e-learning course in management is the study of a particular topic within a wider subject area and is the foundation of a qualification. A typical course includes lectures, assessments and tutorials.

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing And Analytics | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 242 days ago
- 0 + The duration of AIMA digital course is 5 months i.e 60 Hours instructor led training and 12 online projects and the session is being commenced from july 2018.

Read Here: https://www.aima.in/education-services/e-learning-courses/professional_certificate_programme_digital_marketing_and_analytics_.html
Skill Development and Training Programmes | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 292 days ago
- 0 + AIMA's Skill-Development PMKVY programme aims to enable & mobilize the Indian youth to take up outcome based skill training & become employable and is working on certification & employability of youth of India as per the guidelines.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/education-services/Courses-PMKVY/Skill-Development-PMKVY.html
Post Graduate Diploma In Management | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 309 days ago
- 0 + AIMA offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management approved by AICTE.This has transformed several mid-career professionals to global business leaders of today and tomorrow. The PGP is meant to hone your skills and challenge conventional wisdom.

Ref: https://www.aima.in/education-services/long-term-courses/pgdm.html
Management Online Quiz, Management Simulation Games | AIMA
RIYA123GUPTA 302 days ago
- 0 + NMG is a unique platform for Corporate Managers to experience the thrill of Managing Business in competitive mode. It is one of the most awaited and prestigious annual event based on Business Management Simulation, Organized by AIMA

Ref: https://www.aima.in/conferences-events/industry-specific-initiatives/business-simulation-programme.html